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Editors Emma & Aimee 
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‘Original in content, Pocketto is a mixture of clever and amusing observations, an array of beautifully photographed fashion editorials and interviews with artists about their craft… Encased in a cloth bound cover with gold imprint, Pocketto magazine is one to cherish and keep, display, flick through and pick up again and again.’ – Broadsheet Melbourne

Pocketto Magazine is an annual publication.

Brief history: Pocketto was born online in 2008, married in 2009, pregnant for much of 2010, welcomed a print issue into the world in 2011 and now it’s 2013 and a printed sibling is due very soon. Pocketto hopes to live long enough to see cars fly.


Distributed independently. Stockists page for stores and details.

Copies can also be ordered online and shipping is available world wide.