travel diary

EuroTrip: Switzerland (Part 1)

Images and words by Al Nemaric

It’s so beautiful here. I feel like a character in a fairy tale. There are two sections of Zug– an old town and a new town. The buildings are all brightly coloured, fitted densely together in clusters. There are shutters on all the windows and the rooftops are tiled with tear drops that look like dragon scales. The town is quiet and eerie. Everyone stares at you; in such a small place, an unfamiliar face doesn’t go unnoticed.

I am sitting by Lake Zug with Liz. Liz and I have come to this lake every day. Each day the distant view that stretches beyond the lake changes slightly…was that a dragon?

As the train moves, I see the luscious green countryside roll by. Uneven plains, like waves lulling about the sea, close in on us. Never have I seen so many shades of green nor a green so vibrant. On the hillsides and mountains, the trees fit together so perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. I am half expecting to see a family of Kodamas twirl their heads at me from an opening in the forest.

The lake is breathtaking. Every now and then a gust of wind pushes the water gently so that the ripples on the surface appear like long, silk ribbons in the wind. I am 90% sure that the streak of light you see in this photo is a comet.