travel diary

Photo diary: Passing through Japan

Photos and words by Carey Ciuro

Before Carey Ciuro travelled to Japan, he would bombard Google’s search bar with ‘Reasons you should travel alone’ because he really didn’t want to fly solo. Strangely, now it’s all he wants to do. We asked him to select his favourite moments from the trip.

You feel like you’re in Logan’s Run when you stay at a capsule hotel in Japan. The only way I could escape the dystopia of it all was to take a self-portrait.

In the most surreal and unrealistic places, you aren’t allowed to take photos. It’s a bit of a tragedy when you have to leave moments like this behind. I’ve never liked authority so I took one anyway.

There’s this weird feeling you feel when you’re faced with something so enormously engaging as a photographer. How in all fuck are you meant to capture it all?

Here’s the cutest looking inlet you’ll ever see.