Take a bite out of this

Words Emma Do

EAT.ME.DO‘s jewellery should come with a warning. Chances are, the label’s food necklaces will cause strangers to adopt vampirish traits, lurching at the wearer’s neck, mouth agape. It may all looks extremely appetising, but munch-able it is not. We had a quick chat to the lady cooking up the treats.

Hi Lara, why did you start making jewellery?
I find jewellery is really playful as you have a lot of freedom to experiment with what you can actually create to wear. In this case I have chosen food which I have turned into wearable art. I’ve always been interested in fashion and design and about a month ago I thought to myself, let’s make food and wear it.

What is your jewellery made from?
My jewellery is primarily multi media based, as I source everything from beads, clay, plastic bits and bobs and chains, bringing it all together to create an individual piece. However the food element is all crafted by hand out of a special type of clay which I fire, paint and glaze.

Any plans to make custom food necklaces for people?
Oh yes, I have already had many custom orders, so if you’ve ever wanted a banana and steak necklace, you know where to come.

Favourite food?
Hmm whenever people ask me this I really have to stop and think. If I was to be completely honest I’d have to say blueberries and push pops, but to make it interesting I’ll say cold watermelon on a summers day.