From the archives: An interview with Susie Bubble

Words by Emma Do

Back in 2008 when fashion blogs were on the cusp of mass attention, we interviewed Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble. She was, and has remained, one of the most influential fashion bloggers. Four years on and fashion has embraced the blog. Were her words prophetic then? We think so.

Karen Webster interviewing Susie at her Portable presentation earlier this year

Do you think bloggers’ opinions on fashion should be counted?
Every opinion matters. Depends on what you mean by mattering. A blog that has 5 loyal readers that listens to the blogger obediently is still an impact and influence-making.

Should designers and brands be paying attention to what bloggers say?
I think all designers and brands can gain insight into public opinion via bloggers and their commentors.

Everyone’s talking about blogging as the new form of media. Do you think blogs (fashion blogs especially) will last? Do you think they will take over the traditional media?
No, I have never thought blogs will replace traditional print media. It’s merely a supplement. They will stand the test of time if people all begin to see that blogs are just another medium, an addition, not a replacement. They’re consumed differently from magazines and are therefore supplementary.

Has blogging, in your opinion, left any marks on the fashion world so far?
Not really.

Are designers in any way modernising via the internet because of the sudden wave of internet media?
I think they are outreaching to bloggers and thinking about their online presence.Conscientious efforts to update websites and incorporate multi-media in their brand presence is definitely down to their audience online.