A Piece Of Mine

Words by Tully Walter, photos by Aimee Han

APOM is the collaboration between Kate Brook and Kajsa Kvernmo, a partnership bound by a mutual affinity for handcrafted techniques, narrative and the natural world. The pair started designing together during their graduate year of university, where their design principles and philosophies evolved and intertwined together so profoundly, APOM, an acronym from ‘A Part Of Me’, was born.

Hailing from rural Norway and the hills of Adelaide, the pair draw inspiration from their heritage. They juxtapose the landscapes, handicraft, colour and wildlife that run through each of their respective cultural identities, hearts and hands. APOM’s debut collection ‘Little Lost Woods’, explores the beauty that comes from a time in northern Norway, when the dark of winter finally closes and the endless days of light begin.

The theatrics are softened with the delicate bouquet of colours drawn from the Australian bush land, while the hand rendered prints of native Norwegian fauna, breath literal life into the collection. Shapes and silhouettes unite tradition with innovation, exploring the notion of ceremonial Norwegian cuts with traditional iconic utility wear and tailoring reminiscent of out back working life.

The APOM design philosophy involves a unique dedication to a transparent production process. Each garment itself has a story and an ethos; integral to the philosophy is the promotion of all those involved in the creation of each garment. From the artist who creates the prints, to the manufacturers who construct each piece right here in Melbourne, the designers strive to empower the wearer to be informed on the life of a garment.