Diaz’s Edo Tropica

Words by Emma Do

Our descent into winter may have officially begun but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about the sunshine waiting on the other side. Thanks to fashion running seasons ahead, our daydreams continue to be fuelled by the pretty things landing in our inbox. Basically, we get to plan our summer wardrobes while wrapped in our snuggies.

For Summer 2013, Diaz has dreamed up a riot of jewel tones and quite possibly the cutest pineapple print to ever exist. It was the early Japanese migration to Hawaii which inspired the mish mash of kimono sleeves and hawaiian shirts though thankfully there’s nothing too literal about Diaz’s interpretation- hula skirts and obi belts need not apply. Edo Tropica is just a bunch of effortlessly cheery clothes which make us want to hoist up a beach umbrella and sip fruit punch three months too soon.