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Fashionopolis: fashion blogging forum

Words by Emma Do

Remember when fashion bloggers were just super fashion geeks? When Proenza Schouler skirts elicited haikus? Those were the pre-DSLR days of innocence; all you needed was a point & shoot and basic understanding of Photoshop layers. Well, that, and the skill of fashioning a shirt into a skirt. But possessing a fangirlish appetite for fashion alone isn’t enough to float to the top of the blogosphere anymore. Now it is slick imagery, covetable personal style (arguably that of young, thin girls) and a distinct writing style or voice that earns legions of followers.

The success of mega bloggers such as Fashion Toast, BrianBoy and the meteoric rise of those like Tuula, Harper & Harley and K is for Kani has spawned a new crop of aspiring fashion bloggers who see blogging as a vital and viable role in media. Both of which are true. This Saturday, NuffNang is hosting ‘Fashionopolis’, a “part networking, part education” forum to discuss dilemmas bloggers will continue to face as blog saturation pushes skywards. The panel lineup, which includes former Sydney Morning Herald fashion journalist Patty Huntington (now blogging at Frockwriter), Lady Melbourne and designer Jenny Bannister will tackle topics relevant to both new and established bloggers. On the agenda is how to approach advertising, the prickly question of whether bloggers are journalists, and establishing your blog as a brand- all issues which become more acute as marketing departments leap into blogger/brand collaborations.

Fashion blogging has truly left the bedroom and entered the runway. Join the discussion this Saturday, May 12 in Melbourne. More details here: