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The Gerpanese Party

Beliebers ain’t got shit on Akiko Yamasaki. While Beliebers were busy creating twitter hashtags, Akiko made an album.

Akiko is on a quest to “stalk” (her words, not mine) her favourite band on their European tour and has roped in a bunch of indie artists to create an album of 13 original tracks- the sales of which will fund her month long stalk-a-thon. In celebration of the album Akiko is hosting the fifth Ice Cream Excorcism event– this one aptly titled the “Gerpanese Party”. She promises food, merch and a “glittery” sonic experience.

The Gerpanese Party
This Sunday, 29 April
From 3.30pm
Discobeans, 238 High st, Northcote
$5 entry

Words by Emma Do