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Interview: Sarah Dennis

Interview by Emma Do

Sarah Dennis is using the ancient art of paper cutting to illustrate whimsical scenes, plucked straight from childrens’ parables.

Why paper cutting?
I have always been intrigued by oriental artwork. I took a trip to Bristol museum one day where I discovered the most amazing Chinese paper craft exhibition. This work was the most intricate and detailed crafted imagery I had ever seen. This opened my mind to the possibilities of paper cutting. I have been inspired by artist called Sealee Oh. I discovered her in an article in Giant Robot magazine a while ago and found the artwork that she had created with paints and papers enormously heart warming and magical. I have recently been blown away by the technical ability of an artist called Elsa Mora she is a master of paper cutting and her work inspired me further into my own journey of paper crafts.

How many paper cuts have you gotten from cutting paper?
Actually none which is quite funny as I am quite accident prone.

Yours is a pretty niche craft. Have you had trouble making ends meet or has it been smooth sailing?
It’s definitely not smooth sailing. It’s very much up and down but I manage to keep myself afloat with a variety of different projects and briefs.

What do you enjoy most about your art?
I love the idea process, from reading the text, to sketching the idea and watching it all come together in a final piece.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
The project I am working on at the moment, “Tales from a pea green boat” which is an exhibition celebrating the 200th anniversary of Edward Lear’s timeless limericks and literacy nonsense.

If you could create something for anyone/anything, who or what would it be?
That’s a hard question, I would love to work with publishers such as Chronicle or Templar where I had free range to create a gorgeous book where by I could go mad with my paper cutting artwork.