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Ex[ie]perimental Collective

Collage by Helen Pappas
The Ex[ie]perimental Collective showcase is exhibiting the works of 5 conceptual fashion designers and artists. Featuring clothing, jewellery and collage, the emphasis is on fashion’s “potential for innovation through research and process”. We spoke to the exhibition’s curator (as well as featured designer), Christina Exie about what we can expect to see.

Why did you decide to curate the exhibition?
Participating in the LMFF Cultural Program is a great start in gaining experience, and also a springboard into the Australian Fashion industry for emerging designers. I thought curating an exhibition would be a great opportunity to gain exposure not only for my own practice, but for also for some of my closest and talented friends, as well as past University colleagues.

Who is part of the exhibition and what will be on show?
Ex[ie]perimental Collective is a collaborative exhibition that brings five of Melbourne’s conceptual designers into the one space, so the viewer will experience an array of diverse works. Each of the exhibitors have developed their own dynamic styles, ranging from fashion design installations by Kara Liu and myself, tailoring by Emma Boseley, to jewellery by Katia Di Crescnezo, and collage by Helen Pappas. Each designer’s unique approach makes this exhibition a dynamic fusion of techniques and construction as well as individual concepts.

Was there a uniting theme that the designers all explored?
The focus of this collective exhibition is to emphasise the importance of clothing and its potential for innovation through research and process. Another integral component that makes the Ex[ie]perimental Collective a cohesive exhibition, despite our diverse approaches to design and concept, is the continuity throughout our advertising.

Ex[ie]perimental runs from March 22-28th as part of the LMFF cultural program.
Level 1, Von Haus building, 1a Crossley st, Melbourne
Free entry

Design by Christina Exie

Necklace by Katia Di Crescnezo
Interview: Emma Do