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Interview: Light Reading

Interview by Emma Do

Daryl Fitzgerald is finding little pieces of Melbourne and putting them to an unexpected use…

1) When and how did you come up with the idea of making brick books?
Everyday on my way to work last year, I would pass by a little house that had recently redone their front garden. They had opted for new sandstone tiles over their previously uneven would-be garden of chipped brick pavers and had left them all stacked up to one side. And everyday they looked sadder and sadder until I set to work to come up with an idea of how they could be brought to life again. After the idea of making them look like books hit me like a ton of bricks, I went round and asked them if I could have a few. Since then the whole idea has taken off.

2) Where do you find the bricks?
All the bricks come from in and around Melbourne, mostly from brickyards that have since closed down – although there have been instances where I would see one in the street that would so good i would have to take it home. Specific old bricks are really hard to come by like the ‘Olympic’ brick from Glen Iris in 1956, or handmade varieties from small villages.

4) Do you do custom ‘book’ requests for people?
I certainly do, a good place to start is a little library of a hundred titles that I have at the ready-all of which are previously requested or recommended. Otherwise, its always great to have more titles to put on file!

5) In what ways have people used your ‘books’?
Thankfully, people have been really good to let me know how they use their books at home; at first I had a bookmark with ideas on how to use the books to get people going. The most popular use is as bookends but they have also been used as doorstops, trivets, candle stands, coffee tables, plant pot trays, wine bottle holders; in gardens, cafe’s, bedrooms – all over the place really!

6) Where can people find your ‘books’?
Victoria: The Design Dispensary, MyFlowerhouse (Myer), Alpha60, Kids in Berlin, Leonard St, Brunswick Bound… visit the facebook page for more.

[editors note: we asked Daryl to include the horrible pun. Cheers to him for doing so!]