Retail woes

Words by Yen Hoang

My 3 years of working in retail have taught me a lot. From my accumulation of mental notes and my theories on the psychological state of the retail customer, I can conclude that the questionable sanity of a human being changes when they step onto a shop floor.

Having had a customer throw coins at me after completing a refund, trying to convince a prostitute in store that there is a box of shoes clearly tucked under her coat and a random customer speaking in a slow, sluggish tone (so a shop assistant like myself can comprehend ‘perfect’ English) my friends often question MY sanity, self-esteem and patience.

So here’s a warning to teenagers who come into a store trying on accessories purely for the purpose of taking photos, to the customers who get a sick kick out of not leaving when the store is closed and to everybody else who makes me grit my teeth. Remember, the customer is only protected by policies of the company and us as shop assistants can only shield it all with a fake, big grin. And you know what? The customer is never right.