fashion / illustration

Take it or sleeve it baby!

Words Lori Hakim | Illustrations Dani Hakim 

Friend 1: “Oh my god, did you see that girl? Her sleeves were way too short.”
Friend 2: “Yeah! How embarrassing, she should have left the house wearing more clothes.”

Sound familiar? Probably not. You never hear anyone criticising sleeves; not even trashy gossip magazines. For some reason they are universally accepted. They never offend anyone!

I’m essentially a sleeve enthusiast [1]. Following on from last years OTT “statement” shoulders [2] they’re a welcome feature which has allowed fashion to regain class and simplicity. The change was arguably led by Celine’s spring 2010 collection and has filtered onto the catwalks and into retail chains. I’m tipping that following on from the royal wedding sleeves are going to be inescapable.

So, take it or sleeve it. I’d suggest you sleeve it. After all, it is far more fun to dance, give high fives and walk in the wind if you are wearing a nice set of sleeves. Try the raglan, bishop, bell, set in or kimono. We’re so kind we even broke it down for you pictorially. 

[1]. Seriously you should check out my wardrobe.

[2]. Which were tasteless in a sci-fi costume kind of way, ferocious and nearly  sharp enough to poke your eye out.