What John Lennon taught me about circles

Words Lori Hakim

WAYFARERS HAVE WELL AND truly overstayed their welcome. With everyone embracing Ray-Bans I’m beginning to think that people are happy being squares. I for one, am not. Unlike their sharp and edgy brothers and sisters circular sunglasses are not intimidating, there is something friendly and childlike about round frames that just exudes happiness; maybe it’s their comic associations, mimicking round cartoon glasses*. Not only do round glasses look super cute, they are also the same shape as the sun which means they block out much more light that a squareever could**. Round lenses look smarter than squares, so if you want to look like an intellectual, people will believe you! (Although you’ll probably come undone like a hipster wearing non-prescription lenses.)

Consider the aplomb Lennon possessed while wearing his delicate wire frames and you’ll need no convincing. They look amazing as shades – and they create a lovely harmony with buttons, rounded collars and polka dots too! (As well as being a refreshing juxtaposition against sharp-angled collars, sack dresses and heavy hardware jewellery.) They even elevate the simple jeans-and-t-shirt combo to a new level. You’ll be running rings around those squares. Hellz-yeah!

*Think cartoon nerds like Millhouse.

**Evidence yet to be provided.